3 Months




Hi everyone!! My name is Snickers! I was born on April 24, 2021 and I am a Mini Sheepadoodle !! I love to cuddle and snuggle!! And I'm SOOO ready for my new furever home!!!!

Sire: Chief
Breed: Poodle
Color: Blue Merle
Weight: 10.5 lbs
Registration: AKC

Dam: Courtney
Breed: English Sheepdog
Color: Gray/White
Weight: 60 lbs
Registration: AKC

Not Hypoallergenic - mild shedding, may have dander

Estimated adult weight: 25-50 lbs

This pup is available to go home today!
For more information please call 781-233-7383.

Pet Express Saugus

Saugus, MA

About the Mini Sheepadoodle

The Mini Sheepadoodle, is a cross between an Old English Sheep dog and a Miniature Poodle. In spite of having long and fluffy hair these dogs have minimal shedding. Their sweet and affectionate nature makes them one the most sociable hybrids. Appearance and Grooming These puppies favor the looks and color of the Sheepdog parent without fur-covered eyes. Some of them even have blue eyes, which may occur both in the Mini Poodle and the Sheepdog. Their black and white “shaggy” coat is inherited by its parent breeds and requires regular coat maintenance. Daily brushings help to prevent knots and tangles as well as regular trips to the groomer. Temperament These friendly, loving and obedient dogs are not only loyal, but extremely outgoing and playful. Though generally very well behaved, they do have quite a bit of energy so need an adequate amount of play time both indoors and outdoors each day. Family and Companionship Their affectionate and loving nature makes them an ideal family or therapy dog. They do especially well with families who have children as they are the descendent of parents who are keen on being in a group or pack. These are very friendly and sociable animals who don’t like to be alone. Exercise Regular walks and runs are very important for these active dogs. Twice daily walks/runs as well as plenty of toys for mental stimulation will be sure to keep your puppy busy as well as engaged. They also love outdoor adventure so if you’re looking for a hiking or swimming companion, this is the perfect match. Training and Socialization Early socialization and training are an important part of owning a Mini Sheepadoodle, so make sure it is something you give priority. These dogs respond well to positive training, rewards and praise using a firm tone and being consistent. Their need to please attitudes and loyalty to their owners makes these puppies very easily trainable. Their desire to be sociable from a young age is something that needs to be nurtured throughout their adolescent and adult lives, as this makes up for a large part of their personality and behavior.

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